There is much practiced this time of the year that has nothing to do with this great fact - and even is in opposition to the Saviour who came.  The good news that God's Saviour has come and provided salvation by His sacrificial death is more obscured than highlighted in the secular commercial interests of Christmas.  Yet every testimony given to the fact that God sent His Son into the world to provide salvation is a statement of truth.  I think it is most appropriate that celebrations of this fall on the time of the year that they do.  The darkest moment in the year serves as backdrop for the brightest hope for any human being.  "The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up (Matthew 4:16)"
December bids us through its long cold night,
Lift up your head, take cheer,
Though warmer months have slipped away,
And soon will pass the year.
Like vapour, nature lived its little life,
And now its cycle ends.
But still December's frosty breath
Its joyful tidings sends.
There is a message here for all the world
(Whose time is also near).
It echoes  what the shepherds heard - 
Good News for those who fear.
The world with all its year of gain and pain,
And wars, and rumours of,
December calls to stop and hear
About a Saviour's love
And you, whose dark'ning days are numbered too,
December hears your sigh,
And testifies of merriment
That God reserves on high.
The happiness of home and glowing hearth
A greater message teach
About a joyful home with God,
That faith can seek and reach.
When every earthly hope has lost its light,
When only fears remain,
And when the final lot is cast,
And human help is vain,
We need to find the One who came to us
As heaven's smiling face.
November thunders out the law-
December tells His grace.